Christopher Columbus Facts for Kids – More about this explorer

Christopher Columbus is a popular explorer who is attributed for his discovery of America. This will always be one of the books. Before, there existed individuals who were residing in America already. They were referred to as the Native Americans. There was even a time when Europeans were stumbled upon in the place. This was in the person of Leif Ericsson. Despite the latter though, it never became as well known as the voyage of Columbus. This would mark the start of the colonization and exploration of most Americans. There are still many Christopher Columbus Facts for Kids that have to be learned.

Before the Journey

Prior to the discovery, Columbus was from Genoa in Italy. He was born in the year 1451. Later on, he transferred in Lisbon. He was still a trader here. This served as a way for him to learn about the creation of maps. The navigation of ship became easier here too.

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China was known for the great wealth it comes with. With this, Columbus, together with his brother named Bartholomew travelled. They did this overland through the Silk Road. This was still a dangerous place during that time. This was a route circulating Africa that time. This was too long. There was a time when Columbus believed that he would be able to sail coming straight to China. He did this by going over the Atlantic Ocean.

All the speculations of Columbus were proven to be a mistake, or wrong. Needless to say, the Earth was way larger. This was the reason why he was made to think that maybe, there was still another land he was not aware of. This was the time when he stumbled upon America. He located this between that of Asia and Europe.

The Long Travel and Adventure

Columbus was able to convince someone to sponsor his voyage. He spent a whole deal of time, even years, to make this happen. Initially, he talked to King John II from Portugal. He tried to persuade him to pay for the journey. However, the King did not show any interest with the undertaking. After, he was able to change the view of Queen Isabella and even King Ferdinand. The both were from Spain. They paid for the voyage of Columbus.

On the 3rd of August, 1492, he was able to set sail and start his journey. There were three ships involved in this. They were named Pinta, Nina and Santa Maria. The whole endeavor was really long and difficult. He would not ever deny this. There was even a point when men stopped them. These threatened them. They were close to turning back but they did not let any of it affect them. This was the juncture when Columbus made a vow. He stated that he would turn his back if they will not be able to locate any land there is. This was found in his journal. However, he added that he did not plan of returning.