Christopher Columbus Facts for Kids – More about this explorer

Christopher Columbus is a popular explorer who is attributed for his discovery of America. This will always be one of the books. Before, there existed individuals who were residing in America already. They were referred to as the Native Americans. There was even a time when Europeans were stumbled upon in the place. This was in the person of Leif Ericsson. Despite the latter though, it never became as well known as the voyage of Columbus. This would mark the start of the colonization and exploration of most Americans. There are still many Christopher Columbus Facts for Kids that have to be learned.

Before the Journey

Prior to the discovery, Columbus was from Genoa in Italy. He was born in the year 1451. Later on, he transferred in Lisbon. He was still a trader here. This served as a way for him to learn about the creation of maps. The navigation of ship became easier here too.

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China was known for the great wealth it comes with. With this, Columbus, together with his brother named Bartholomew travelled. They did this overland through the Silk Road. This was still a dangerous place during that time. This was a route circulating Africa that time. This was too long. There was a time when Columbus believed that he would be able to sail coming straight to China. He did this by going over the Atlantic Ocean.

All the speculations of Columbus were proven to be a mistake, or wrong. Needless to say, the Earth was way larger. This was the reason why he was made to think that maybe, there was still another land he was not aware of. This was the time when he stumbled upon America. He located this between that of Asia and Europe.

The Long Travel and Adventure

Columbus was able to convince someone to sponsor his voyage. He spent a whole deal of time, even years, to make this happen. Initially, he talked to King John II from Portugal. He tried to persuade him to pay for the journey. However, the King did not show any interest with the undertaking. After, he was able to change the view of Queen Isabella and even King Ferdinand. The both were from Spain. They paid for the voyage of Columbus.

On the 3rd of August, 1492, he was able to set sail and start his journey. There were three ships involved in this. They were named Pinta, Nina and Santa Maria. The whole endeavor was really long and difficult. He would not ever deny this. There was even a point when men stopped them. These threatened them. They were close to turning back but they did not let any of it affect them. This was the juncture when Columbus made a vow. He stated that he would turn his back if they will not be able to locate any land there is. This was found in his journal. However, he added that he did not plan of returning.

Tofu Nutrition Facts – Why is Tofu a good meat alternative?

Soy foods are attributed for their ability to decrease the risk of cancer. This has been the case for so many centuries now. As a matter of fact, there was a comprehensive study undertaken to confirm this. To date, 28 published studies were recorded to support claims. The research was conducted in China. They utilized Chinese adults here. They were the ones who took tofu. With it, there were findings revealing that the intake of soy can reduce the risk of cancer, to be specific – a type of it which is stomach cancer. This is not surprising considering the stated tofu nutrition facts.

Tofu, the fermented ones, is packed with antioxidants. It also comes with advantages that may deal with free-radicals. This occurs because of the fermentation time the tofu undertakes. Tofu can be fermented for almost nine days at a maximum. This may also be in a minimum of three. With this, it can be said that the study is meant to underscore the changes in the nutrients of tofu. This may always take place as it has gone through fermentation. There are other factors that play a role here. Regardless, it only shows that changes in nutrients that may occur whenever food is fermented. Micro-organisms are always present in the process of fermentation. Time has to be allotted for it to grow. This is why fungi may be seen around the methods.

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If it was not for soybeans, Tofu will not be enjoyed. This is the perfect example of how these soybeans weave in the traditions of the human food chain. The only difference is that it is cheap but natural and nourishing all at the same time. Surprisingly, Tofu has been a very versatile form of food. This is created through the curdling of soymilk. The proteins here will suddenly become coagulated. This is the time when they are pressed to a shape of sliceable cake.

In the United States, there is only a little amount of tofu being sold. Microorganisms are always added this way. This is a chance to interact with the presence of soy curds. There are still other health advantages listed and reported that involves soy food.

Just like any others, there were controversial issues surrounding the consumption of tofu. The only thing that has to be remembered is this – tofu is a food of nature. It is sad that in the US, most of the tofu has been processed. This defeats its very purpose. The soybeans available these days are already cracked, crushed, engineered, and even deshelled. These are done so that the solvent can be extracted. This is also the method for the separation of oils from the entire bean itself. When the oil extraction is through, protein isolate happens. This is the ingredient found in low-fat soymilks. This is when the concentration may be processed still. This is where the difference is drawn.

There are still existing researches which will help in indicating the health risks of consumption. This is yet to be discovered.

Studies Show Soy Food Lowers Breast Cancer Risk

Eating more soy may help lower risk of some types of breast cancer, a human clinical study has concluded. Premenopausal women who ingested the highest intake of soy isoflavones; protective compounds found in whole soy, had a 30 percent decreased risk of having a stage 1 disease and a 70 percent reduced risk of a tumor larger than 2 cm. The group also evidenced a 60 percent reduced risk of having stage 2 breast cancer.

Decreased Risk of Invasive Breast Cancer

The women eating the soy had a 30 percent decreased risk of having an invasive breast tumor and an approximate 60 percent decreased risk of having a grade 1 tumor. This reduction was in premenopausal women. The longest living people in the world eat soy as part of their regular dietary protein intake. It is thought that the weak phytoestrogens in the soy actually compete for the estrogeon receptors to prevent breast cancer which is estrogeon dependent.

Eat Soy Like Breast-Healthy Asian Women

Many studies of Asian women concluded that those who consumed a good amount of dietary soy had a much lower risk of cancer of the breast than Western women who did not consume soy regularly. Interestingly enough, these studies also discovered that when Asian women relocated to the Western world and changed their diet to the typical Western one, their breast cancer risks went up. Not only that, many studies have also suggested that overall diets which include good amounts of soy isoflavones are also related to a reduced risk of breast cancer. Asian women do not suffer from hot flashes like western women do and when soy is added to the American diet, menopausal symptoms are reduced.

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Eat Whole Soy and Pass on the Pills

Studies do not offer support for consuming soy “pills” in order to get the full benefit of the whole soy isofavones protection. Not only that, some studies have even shown some negative results when soy pills have been consumed. This may have lead to the controversy surrounding soy and breast cancer.

Study after study on a variety of nature-based food ingredients have demonstrated that it is nearly always best to consume the whole food and to pass on the pills to reap the optimum health benefits. Pills and denatured soy powdered products are not a good substitute. Asian women eat whole soy foods, which are minimally processed, unlike soy capsules, soy solates or soy protein and have the bio-active naturally-occurring soy isoflavones intact.

It is Easy and Economical to Eat Whole Soy

There are many non-genetically modified good whole soy products available. Go online and search out the inexpensive and pantry stable whole soy foods like gluten-free Nutlettes™ Whole Soy Cereal and snack bars, Beanits™ (roasted soybeans) and Beef Not™ type meat analog products that permit fast and easy meat style meals that even carnivores can enjoy. These products are high in protein and fiber and are very economical compared to pills or powders. It is easy to get a serving a day of these nutritionally-rich, high isoflavones foods.

Studies Show Soy Protects Against Chronic Diseases

The studies continue and whole soy repeatedly offers the healthful qualities Americans need to add to their daily diet for heart, cancer and diabetes chronic disease protection. The longest living nations enjoy soy and longevity. Unfortunately, America is placed a dismal 49th in worldwide life expectancy, despite our renowned health care system. American diets need improving. Start by ordering some of these products from internet sources, as they are not readily available in stores, and make a commitment to eat a serving of whole soy foods regularly. Help promote good breast health and add chronic disease protection